Whether you’re looking to stay away from sharp objects and opt for a no-carve painted pumpkin, or want to test your artistic abilities with an intricate design, decorating a pumpkin for the fall season is an essential part of celebrating. Plus, it’s an amazing indoor activity for when the weather starts to get chillier. Keep reading for 5 incredible ideas from some of our own Jellystone Park™ team members! We’ve rounded up our favorite pumpkin decorating ideas in the hopes that they’ll inspire your own festive creations.

“Burger” on the Grill

burger pumpkin

Who said cookouts are only for summer? It’s time to fire up that grill and grab some inspo from your favorite warm-weather eats. This pumpkin burger is such a creative way to decorate – anyone want to try a hot dog?

Doughnut Platter

doughnut pumpkin

Pumpkins have never looked so sweet. Instead of grabbing the biggest, roundest pumpkin you can get your hands on, opt for these smaller (and cuter) versions for a fun twist on decorating. We love the sprinkles for an added touch on these pumpkin doughnuts– they look good enough to eat!

Campfire & Treats

campfire pumpkin

S’mores & a campfire are a necessity for every camping trip, no matter the season. Use these gooey treats as inspiration for your next pumpkin masterpiece! Just don’t mix them up with your real s’mores.

Yogi Bear™ & Friends Masterpiece

yogi bear pumpkin

Here’s a challenge for all the artists out there. A pumpkin can act as a blank canvas for those who have skills they wish to put to the test. The opportunities are endless when choosing what to paint. Recreate a famous piece of art, paint something from your favorite movie or storybook, or “draw” inspiration from Yogi Bear™ himself!

Clown Carving

clown pumpkin

Pick up that knife, mini saw, or the carving tool closest to you! While painting pumpkins results in less mess and is a safer option, if you have the correct tools and a great idea, carving a jack o’ lantern masterpiece is a great way to add some light to the night. Plus, who doesn’t secretly love cleaning out all the “guts” from your pumpkin?!


The creativity doesn’t have to end once the painting and carving is done!  Continue the festivities when you book a stay at Jellystone Park™ this October. We’ll award the Best Decorated Site (first place winner gets a prize valued at $500!), host costume contests, candy hunts, and celebrate all things pumpkin!