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The Best Activities, Attractions, & Places To Go In Lancaster, PA

Take a trip to southern Pennsylvania and visit the city of Lancaster! This unique town offers a variety of things to do for all ages. From camping and kayaking, to Amish experiences and zip lining, your visit to this city will be one to remember. Keep reading for the best activities, attractions, and places to go while in Lancaster, PA!

Camp at Jellystone Park™ Quarryville - the best camping near Lancaster, PA.

Jellystone Park™ Quarryville, PA

Visit our Camp-Resort for some fun in the sun! Located just 30 minutes away from the city, Jellystone Park™ Quarryville offers the best camping in Lancaster, PA. From the wide variety of accommodations, themed events, and on-site attractions, your family is guaranteed to make lifelong memories. Whether you've never camped before or are a camping connoisseur, Jellystone Park™ is the place to visit. You can book your stay online here.

Check out the various water activities in Lancaster, PA - a great thing to do in Lancaster!

Water Activities

Being located on the Conestoga River means Lancaster offers tons of water activities the whole family will enjoy. For a guided kayaking trip, check out Adventure Explorations. They also offer fishing trips, along with other non-water based activities like climbing and hiking. For a family focused kayak experience, check out  kayakLanCo. Their Speedwell Forge Lake tour is on a quiet lake, making it an ideal adventure for kids of all ages.

Enjoy family friendly attractions in Lancaster, PA like Dutch Wonderland.

Dutch Wonderland

Featuring over 35 rides, attractions, and shows, Dutch Wonderland is the perfect place for family fun in Lancaster, PA. Spend your day soaring on roller coasters, or cool off at Duke’s Lagoon. This park was designed for families with young children in mind, so everyone is bound to have a good time here! Check out ticket options on their website

Amish attractions are a great thing to do in Lancaster, PA with kids.

Amish Attractions

The Amish Experience and Amish Village are just a few of the many Amish attractions in Lancaster. Visit the Amish Experience to learn about today’s Amish culture and to explore a homestead and schoolhouse. Stop by the Amish Village to tour an 1840s Amish farmhouse and explore 12-acres of grounds. They also offer three value-driven Amish tour experiences - see the options here.

The Lancaster Balloon Ride is a great thing to do in Lancaster, PA!

Lancaster Balloon Ride

This unique sightseeing experience is not for the faint of heart! Ascend nearly a mile into the air and enjoy panoramic views of Lancaster, PA. Rides last around 2.5 and 3 hours from start to finish and have options for private or shared hot air balloon rides. See the ride options here

Make your own ice cream in Lancaster, PA with this exciting thing to do.

Turkey Hill Experience

Calling all ice cream lovers! Make the most out of your day trip to Lancaster, PA by visiting the Turkey Hill Experience! Visit to learn all about how ice cream is made, sit in a milk truck, and milk a mechanical cow. You can even create your own virtual ice cream flavor and packaging at the Turkey Hill Taste Lab. Book your ticket for this sweet experience here

Enjoy family fun near Lancaster, PA when zip lining!

Zip Lining

Zip line through the canopy at Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center! In addition to zip lining, this adventure center offers high-ropes, obstacle courses, a wildlife center, escape rooms, and more. Check out their Family Fun Pack for 5 exciting summer outdoor activities at one great low price. There is no better place to reconnect with friends and family than this fun thing to do in Lancaster, PA!

Learn about Lancaster, PA history at the Landis Valley Museum - a great thing to do for all ages!

Landis Valley Museum

Learn about the local history at the Landis Valley Museum! This village and farm museum is devoted to the history and culture of Pennsylvania's rural German community. Tickets begin at $8. This is an educational experience you won't want to miss!


As you can see, there's plenty of things to do in Lancaster, PA for both adults and kids! Whether you are learning about the local history or creating new ice cream flavors, you are sure to have tons of fun during your visit to Lancaster. If you're looking for even more fun activities and attractions to try, check out this list for additional ideas. We hope to see you in Lancaster, PA soon!